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Parts of speech

Kotanian has six word classes, some having several (morphological or syntactical) subclasses. These are:

Additionally, Kotanian has a group of modifying particles (clitics), used to modify the word they are attached to, on a different level than modifiers do. The modifying particles can be devided in the following groups:

1Note that 'determiner' is usually used to refer to noun modifiers only. Several classes of Kotanian determiners can however be used with other word classes as well.

General morphology

With the exception of conjunctions, all word classes have one (or in the case of nouns more than one) suffix specific to that class.

word classsuffix
noune, òs, ah, òn, às, àn, ìs
verbal adverbày
clausal adverbèh

The noun class has multiple possible suffixes, but e is most common (about 90% of all nouns) followed by òs (7%) and ah (3%). The other endings are rare, some limited to a handful of words. Morphological, only e is considered a true suffix.

Kotanian uses both prefixing and suffixing to modify words. Prefixes are used to change the meaning of the root concept of a word, while suffixes are used for all other modification, like diminuitives (nouns), tense (verbs) and for derivational morphology.

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